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Ajdabya…Defying A Tyrant



The film highlights the suffering of the city of Ajdabiya during the siege imposed on it in mid-2011, in an attempt by the Libyan regime to block the march of the Libyan Revolution westward. The film deals with the effect that the lack of medicines and medical services had on the city and how a group of individuals tried to overcome this problem, as well as the shortage in food and general supplies. The film also relays painful stories of women raped by the Gaddafi forces in an attempt to subdue the city, and conveys this suffering through reconstructed scenes. In addition the film addresses the lack of electricity; the problems faced in keeping the city power plant running and how the employees succeeded in overcoming its failures. Perhaps one of the most important features of the film is the accurate narration of events as presented by the child ‘Saleema Alwadadi’ as she describes innocently the shelling of her neighbourhood, the weapons used, and the lack of food and medical supplies.

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