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Benan Tantawi



The film reveals the events leading up to the assassination of Benan Tantawi, the wife of the leader in the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Essam Attar.

New documents revealed, coupled with eye witness accounts and narrations from the investigating officers at the time paint a picture of the assassination that took place in Aachen, Germany in 1981. The film answers questions that have been looming over this case for decades, most importantly, who was the target of the assassination? Was it in fact the victim, Benan Tantawi or her husband Essam Attar? The film also digs deep into why the German authorities removed the protection they had given to the family of Essam Attar even though he was in constant receipt of death threats and had averted attempts on his life.

It looks into the details of the assassination itself and how they were able to pull it off, how German authorities revealed the killers identities, how and why one of the arrested killers was released after 5 years in prison, and then shortly after, handing over another accomplice to the Syrian authority. This then begs the question of the involvement of German intelligence and authorities. Or if the relationship between Syria and Germany played a part in the leniency of the rulings.


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