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The Dirty War




The Dirty War book film is highlight the story of the Dirty War Book, which is related to the black decade in Algeria, talking about the Civil War by a testimony from a former officer in the Algerian Special Forces, Habib Swaidiah. The book scooped the wrath of many people in Algeria; because it affects the reputation of the National People's Army. The Book is talking about many crimes against humanity committed by a special unit to fight terrorism of the Algerian army, when events in Algeria broke out during the beginning of the nineties of the last century after the abolition of the Islamic Salvation Front won the first parliamentary multi-party elections in the country's history as it seemed at the time the end of one-party era. The film deals with the details inside the book, the war which started against the book, the writer and the publisher! And how was the media highlighted the book and the successive events about it. This documentary focuses on the importance of the book and Its impact on the Algerian scene after the book published.

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