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Tuti Island



The film sheds light on Tuti Island where Mahas tribe has been settling since the 16th century. It is an island in Sudan where the White Nile and Blue Nile merge to form the main Nile. Tuti is surrounded by the "Three Towns": Khartoum; the capital of Sudan, Omdurman; the largest city in Sudan, and Khartoum North ; also known as Bahri; a large industrial centre. Some of Mahas tribesmen had moved to ": Khartoum to found the modern Khartoum. But those who are fond of Tuti, remained to protect it from frequent severe floods hits. Mahas tribesman have distinctive social ties and a unique cultural life. The film also unfolds the plight of Mahas tribesmen who wish to protect the pristine Tuti from investment projects intending to transform the island into a tourist resort.

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