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Ajdabya…Defying A Tyrant



This film highlights the multi-faceted suffering faced by the residents of Ajdabiya during the imposed siege on the city in mid-2011. The Libyan regime attempted to halt the advancement of the revolution westwards by conducting all kinds of aggression towards the helpless citizens.

The residents of the city bravely faced many struggles to combat this exasperating situation. Numerous attempts were made to break through the blockade and provide much needed medicine, food and general supplies. Similarly, struggles by the power plant employees were faced to maintain the electrical supply to the city at such a crucial time.

The film utilises reconstructed scenes and the testimonies of the locals to record the painful stories of struggle and resistance towards Gaddafi’s forces as they attempted to subdue the city.

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Director: Bashar Ghannam

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