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Benan Tantawi



The case of ‘Benan Tantawi’s assassination in Aachen, Germany in 1981 left more questions than answers even after the announcement of the findings by the German authorities.

As part of Aljazeera’s series ‘Mysteries Endings’; this documentary investigative the events around the assassination of Benan, while attempting to answer the following questions: was Benan Tantawi the intended target of the assassination, or could it have been her husband Essam Attar; the ex-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria? Why did the German authorities remove the protection given to the family of Essam Attar while being aware of the constant death threats he received and the numerous unsuccessful attempts on his life?

The film questions the reasons behind the early release of one of the assassins, and the handing over of an accomplice to the Syrian authorities, begging the question of a wider level involvement between the Syrian and German intelligence and authorities.

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Director: Mohammed Omar

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