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The Expatriates



"‘The Expatriates’ is a TV series that highlights Arab personalities who have left their countries of origin to settle abroad. Each episode is an exciting reflection of the personal experiences faced by these professionals as they persevere with determination to excel in their respective fields, and achieve success in their new found homes.

While each episode tells a story of success, it also reveals the multifaceted challenges and the obstacles faced by each and every expatriate as they accustom themselves to new environments, cultures, languages, and religions.

‘The Expatriates’ was initially produced in Arabic for Al Jazeera’s main audience, and was later translated to English and aired as ‘Arabs Abroad’ for Al Jazeera English.

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Directors: Nasser Farghaly, Mohammed Omar, Mohammed Salameh, Mohannad, Hani Beshr

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