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Flight 990



A three-year investigative production into the crash of Flight 990 bound for Cairo Egypt from New York in 1999. The events of this crash brought about lots of controversy over what really happened, and eventually the FBI’s investigation ruled the incident as pilot suicide.

The film references secret documents and exclusive recordings of the plane's black box, revealed for the first time to the public, and uncovering the final moments of crew members whilst the aircraft was plummeting from its cruising altitude. It also includes interviews with former officials that initially led the investigations, aviation experts and eyewitnesses.

The documentary seeks to factually arrive at the causes of the Boeing 767 air crash and assess the credibility of the claim that the plane's captain was responsible for the disaster that cost the lives of 217 passengers including 33 Egyptian military personnel while highlighting the manner in which the Egyptian authorities dealt with the US-led investigation.

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Director: Niel Cairns

This is the full film in English:

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