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Her Voice Is A Revolution



The film ‘Her voice is a revolution’ captures the notable and powerful role played by Yemeni women in initiating and ensuring the continuity of the peaceful revolution protests in 2011, it also highlights the struggles faced by women in obtaining their rights and freedoms.

The revolution in Yemen helped pave the change in perception from the traditional view that the woman belongs to the man and only takes care of her home and her family’s needs, to becoming an active participant and a leader in all stages of the revolution with strong presence in “Altaghyeer” Square, field hospitals, as well as regulatory and inspection committees.

The film features the Nobel Laureate journalist Tawakkol Karman, and the researcher D’ekra Alwahidi in addition to numerous testimonies of women who’ve experienced some of the physical and psychological attacks systematically orchestrated by the regime in an attempt to resist the wave of change that swept the country.

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Director: Youmna Fawwaz

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