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Lines In The Sand



‘Lines in the Sand’ tells the story of the lines that carved the boarders of the Arab region, and specifically in Mesopotamia and the Levant. Theses lines trace back to the secret deal struck between the British and the French in May 1916 known as the ‘Sykes–Picot Agreement’. The agreement effectively divided the Ottoman provinces outside the Arabian Peninsula into areas of British and French control and influence.

The Sykes-Picot boarders were drawn without any regard to ethnic or sectarian characteristics, and after over a century from the agreement, it is more apparent than ever the impact that these lines have had on fuelling regional tensions. This begs the question on the potential emergence of new lines that redefine the regional map as a result of the ongoing unrest and conflict.

Executive producer: Mohammed Alsaedi
Director: Mohammed Alsaedi, Richard Platt
Producer: Ammar Tamimi

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معرض الصور

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