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The Expats | Canvas Of Dreams Soundtrack




Al Jazeera set a new standard for any future Arabic documentary series by designing a unique soundtrack - the first of it's kind - to complement it's Expats series. Having been well received by it's viewers, Expats entered into it's second series, reinforcing the identity of the series and it's place on Al Jazeera with its harmonising soundtrack. Executive producer Mohamed Alsaedi comments that with Expats episodes exploring the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of the guests career, it was necessary to have music that reflected those memories.

Composed by Amine Bouhafa and performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra at Smecky Studios in Prague, Alsaedi reflects that the decision to go with an orchestra was a difficult decision when it came to production costs but was nevertheless outweighed by the impact of the uniqueness and sentimentality of the music on the series. Amine Bouhafa adds that in the Arab world, music has often been neglected, be it to reduce production costs or otherwise, it's an afterthought despite being equally as important to the visual aspect of film and documentary. He says it's an essential component for the programme, merging the East and the West together, as does the Expats series.

This project witnessed the crew move between London, Paris and Prague, bringing together the expertise of artists, musicians, engineers and cameramen to capture the essence of the music and showcase another part of the Expats series’ journey.

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