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Tuti Island



The merging of the famous White Nile and Blue Nile rivers marks the location of the Tuti Island in Sudan; an island inhabited by the Mahas tribe since the 16th century. Tuti island is surrounded by the ""Three Towns"": Khartoum; the capital of Sudan, Omdurman; the largest city in Sudan, and Khartoum North; also known as Bahri; a large industrial centre.

With the growth of the three urban centres, some of Mahas’ tribesmen resettled in the capital, Khartoum, with the rest remaining on Tuti to protect it from the frequent severe floods. However, as urbanisation increases, so does the threat faced by the Mahas tribesmen to protect their strong social ties and unique cultural lifestyle. The film sheds some light on these threats shaped in the form of mega investment projects eager to transform the island into a tourist resort.

Directed by: Mohammed Alsaedi
Producer: Mohammed Alsaedi

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